Model: JD250


Choose HEEL-GRIPS® Walking Traction™ ice cleats when in need of a lightweight, economical winter walking device for outdoor exposure. Reduce slips and falls with HEEL-GRIPS®.

HEEL-GRIPS® ice cleat is a light weight and compact walking ice heel grippers for boots that fit over all types of shoes and boots. HEEL-GRIPS® is extremely easy to use and can be put on or removed in seconds. Weighing in at less than 4 ounces per foot, the HEEL-GRIPS® ice grips for boots are virtually inconspicuous on the user’s foot.

The traction on HEEL-GRIPS® ice cleats comes from 10 tungsten carbide studs underfoot which enable employees to walk confidently in winter conditions. The tungsten carbide studs are molded into the sole of HEEL-GRIPS® boot heel cleats for maximum durability.

HEEL-GRIPS® features a fully adjustable and replaceable upper strap. Adjust the strap of these heel cleats as needed for various styles of footwear, or replace it entirely if worn. There is also a Strap Extender that can be used with the existing strap to ensure that HEEL-GRIPS® shoe heel grips fit over even the bulkiest winter boot heels. The HEEL-GRIPS® heel cleats are sized from an S up to an XXL and is guaranteed to fit every one of your employees.

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  • Durable Tungsten Carbide Studs for Longer Wear
  • Walking Traction™
  • Molded in Studs for Maximum Durability
  • Heel-only Traction
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Aggressive Tread for Deep Snow Traction
  • Replaceable Upper Strap
  • Sized from S – XXL
Conditions Excellent Good N/A